Oracle Developer (Denver, CO)

Job Responsibilities:
Our companies have recently implemented Oracle Fusion and went live January 3, 2018, with Supply Chain and Financials.  A 50-person company based in Denver, Colorado, and our sister Company, is a 40-person company based in Tustin, California.  We have a need for an Oracle Developer to assist in completing the final stages of the project.   This role reports to the VP of Operations 

Skills Required:

50% Role – Collaborating with the project leads to complete the final stages of the project.  This includes managing Oracle tickets and collaborating with Oracle developers.  We also have a close relationship with implementation partner and this role will be our internal technical representative that can facilitate setup and testing of changes they recommend.

50% Role – Collaborating with managers in both companies to ensure they have the key reports and tools needed to manage their business and properly monitor their system.  This may also include work within the Scheduled Processes area to load updates into pricing, product management, etc.

  • 3-5 Years of Oracle Data Model and Analysis Building Experience, preference for Oracle Fusion
  • Experience building Oracle reports for both Financial and Supply Chain staff
  • Bachelor’s Degree in a technical field or equivalent working experience
  • Ability to travel to California up to 10-20% of the time and work balance in Denve
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IT Technician (Henderson, NV)

Job Responsibilities:

  • 1 year of experience in IT, Audio/Visual Service, Computer repair, or similar field. Must have technological skill.
  • Experience in healthcare setting, solid communication skills and computer literacy.
  • Experience in data entry, and following operating procedures.
  • High attention to detail, organization, and efficiency.
  • Experience in inventory, asset management, or equipment tracking.
  • Proven experience in customer service and management, preferably dealing with upper management and executive level clients. Excellent communication skills.
  • Understanding of healthcare ethics, compliance, and hospital conduct. Knowledge of HIPAA requirements.
  • Experience leading a team with little to no supervision.
  • High attention to detail, organization, and efficiency.
  • Experience in inventory, asset management, or equipment tracking.
  • Expertise in Microsoft Office Suite

Skills Required:

  • Identify, tag, and record hardware information, locations, and status.
  • Enter information into BizExplorer system accurately and completely.
  • Properly manage time to efficiently complete technology audits within proposed timeframe under direction of Implementation Supervisor.
  • Other tasks as assigned. Identify and analyze key areas in a healthcare facility, including A/V focused spaces, hospital departments, and IT facilities.
  • Plan and execute auditing procedures; tagging and recording all hardware in a timely fashion in accordance with Asset Management data standards.
  • Communicate and coordinate with facility staff while maintaining level of service.
  • Enter data accurately and completely into BizExplorer software.
  • Manage time and workforce efficiently.
  • Maintain client relationship with shareholders and management of facility IT department.
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DevOps Engineer

Job Responsibilities:
The DevOps Engineer role covers a wide range of design and implementation activities for the build and deployment systems for our client’s primary, web-based imagery delivery platform.  We collaborate across teams to deploy new functionality and scale our infrastructure while improving the customer experience. You will play a central role in migrating our system to AWS, and modernizing our deployment pipeline – two strategic initiatives that we expect to transform our department and earn considerable recognition across the enterprise.
Specific responsibilities include:
  • Create, maintain, and extend build infrastructure including automated builds, database migration validation, and automated verification testing.
  • Collaborate with Agile teams to design and implement pipeline stages that meet business objectives
  • Partner with team members, architect, and development teams to migrate our products to the AWS cloud.
  • Provide software configuration management.  Troubleshoot and resolve issues within the pipeline stages.
  • Maintain and enhance infrastructure for automated database migrations.
  • Maniacal focus on meeting deliverables while working with the product owner on defining and prioritizing improvements.

Skills Required:
Strong candidates will have current experience with the following:
  • Git and are familiar with GitFlow concepts
  • building software using Maven or Gradle, utilizing plugins when available, but not afraid to create one
  • building, packaging, and deploying C, C++, Python, Java, Tomcat, and other product artifacts in RPMs and Docker containers
  • writing Jenkins pipeline scripts or similar technology to coordinate the building, packaging, and deployment of software
  • managing build artifacts and their pipeline state using the Artifactory REST API
  • authoring AWS CloudFormation templates and parameterized deployment scripts for infrastructure automation
  • creating and managing VPCs, subnets, NACLs, security groups, and internet and NAT gateways
  • developing and implementing a system security plan that encompasses enterprise guidelines
  • maximizing repeatability using Infrastructure as Code
  • designing and implementing blue/green deployment methodologies that may include non-destructive or destructive database changes
  • Scripting with Python, Bash, and Groovy
  • 5+ years using RedHat-family operating systems
  • Knowledge of Agile development process from build through deployment
  • Enthusiasm for solving interesting problems, self-starter
  • Ability to understand and troubleshoot complex, interdependent software systems
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent
  • US Citizenship.

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Sr. Electrical Engineer

Job Responsibilities:  
We are seeking applicants for a Senior Electrical Engineer to join our team. The Senior Electrical Engineer will be a key contributor to the company’s efforts to deliver the next generation of industry leading high performance, low cost, low power computing platforms for LiDAR systems. The position allows great opportunity for a self-driven individual to be able to implement the very best designs with the freedom to create new electronic controllers and support our LiDAR product roadmap.
  • Leading EE team level technical development of hardware, for the most innovative high- performance Lidar systems in the industry
  • Architect and complete PCB digital designs of highly manufacturable, best performing, lowest cost, and highest reliability
  • Implementing Digital Hardware Designs using FPGAs and other high performance processing Signal and Image processing systems, including CMOS Vision, High-Speed communication interfaces, High bandwidth memory buses, low power circuits, and standard ARM processing blocks
  • The Senior Engineer will be able to document technology based design decisions, and work with senior management in developing and driving Technology and Product roadmaps  
Skills Required;
  • Extensive knowledge and experience with High Speed design having demonstrated ability to design high speed interfaces such as but not limited to PCI-e, SATA, GIGe, DDRx memory bus, Gigabit FPGA Serdes channels, GMSL, DVI or HDMI
  • Senior level experience with PCB routing rules generation, PCB stack-ups, and all aspects of Physical implementation of PCBs with buses capable of operating above 200MHz
  • Experience working with Manufacturing Organizations to complete builds of boards
  • Proven, demonstrated experience taking High-Speed (preferably consumer electronics type designs) through FCC, EC regulatory testing
  • Expert level knowledge of simulation tools such as but not limited to Hyperlinx, and/or other 3D field solvers
  • Experience using Signal Integrity Simulation tools to drive design of topography of transmission lines, as well as post layout verification of design layouts
  • Experience using high-speed Oscopes, or Network Analyzers, and other tools to perform physical design verification on High-Speed designs
  • Expert level with Altium Design tools, minimum schematic capture knowledge
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, multi-disciplinary team, to complete required designs and to cooperate with other Engineers on the team as needed to accomplish tasks
  • Knowledge of FPGA devices usage in High-Speed design, and demonstrated integration of such in prior products
  • Functional knowledge of most commercially available interface and communication technologies and their specifications
Nice To Haves:
  • Altium PCB layout experience, understanding Symbol and Pads model creation
  • Experience designing consumer products such as Tablets, PC motherboards, smartphones, Gigabit Ethernet routers, Disk Drive logic boards
  • Experience working as an advisor/contributor on industry leading specification defining teams such as PCI-e, HDMI, DVI, etc.
  • Experience taking an FPGA design to ASIC

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Layout Engineer

Job Responsibilities:  
We are seeking a Layout Engineer with Altium experience. The candidate will Layout PCB assemblies, perform schematic capture, create library components and develop support documentation such as Gerbers, Fabrication and Assembly drawings.
    • Construct HDI layouts with small pitch BGAs
    • Work with Electronic and Mechanical Engineers to design Class 2 PWBs used in Automotive applications
    • Creating library symbols and footprints to company and IPC standards
    • Work with Mechanical Engineers to integrate/verify mechanical interfaces to PCB layout
    • Handle BOM and manufacturing file extractions
    • Work with PCB FAB and Assembly houses to support release activities of designs
    • Assist Electrical Engineers on the team with symbol/pad creation
Skills Required:
    • Fluency in recent versions of Altium Designer
    • Experience laying out Microcontroller, and communication buses such as SPI, Ethernet, RS485, or I2C
    • Working experience with PCB stackups, component sizes, and classifications
    • Experience with libraries and librarian functions within Altium
    • Some knowledge of mechanical 3D design tools (Solidworks, Pro-E, Autodesk or comparable)
    • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with tight deadlines
    • Ability to collaborate in a team environment
    • Must be able to justify layout trade-offs
Nice to Have:
    • Working knowledge of Solidworks Mechanical Design Package
    • Xilinx memory bus layout experience
    • Working knowledge laying out environmentally challenging PWBs
    • Working knowledge in mixed-signal PWBs
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