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Sr. Power Systems Design Engineer

- Fulltime
Job Responsibilities:  
We are seeking applicants for a Senior Power Systems Design Engineer to join our team. The Power Systems Design Engineer will be a key contributor to the technology direction of the company’s efforts to deliver the next generation of industry leading high performance, low cost, low power computing platforms for Lidar systems. The position allows great opportunity for a self-driven, confident and highly creative individual to be able to implement the very best Power conversion and distribution designs. 
  • Architecting Power Distribution networks and Power Conversion circuits to allow highly optimized, highly efficient and low-cost power delivery to the Digital Computing and Analog sensing blocks in our PCB designs
  • Design power conversion circuits for the many Digital and Analog rails in our Controller boards, devise methods for the most efficient delivery of such power, and do so at the lowest cost and lower conversion/distribution losses
  • Research and stay atop of Automotive Power supply design requirements, including industry certification and regulatory issues, to ensure our Automotive Sensor and Power Distribution designs meet industry standards and perform above industry leading specs
  • Define power delivery specifications, for the cables connecting sensor heads to Power distribution boxes, ensuring they maintain reliable power delivery through adverse conditions
  • Senior Power Design Engineer will be able of document Technology based design decisions, and work with senior Management in developing and driving Technology and Product roadmaps
Skills Requiremed:
  • Extensive knowledge and experience designing Power Supplies and Power Conversion circuits for PC Motherboards and other consumer products.
  • Senior level experience with PCB routing rules generation, and physical implementation of power supplies and Multi-channel DC/DC converters on Printed Circuit Boards
  • Experience debugging power supply circuits to understand failure mode.
  • Experience with filtering switching power supplies to reduce noise, such as when used in Analog circuits
  • Experience working with Manufacturing Organizations to complete builds of boards
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, multi-disciplinary team, to complete required designs and to cooperate with other Engineers on the team as needed to accomplish tasks
Nice To Haves:
  • Altium PCB layout experience, understanding Symbol and Pads model creation
  • Some experience with Altium’s Power net Analyzer software.
  • Experience designing power supplies, and rail distribution for consumer products such as
  • Tablets, PC motherboards, smartphones, Gigabit Ethernet routers, Disk Drive logic boards