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DevOps Engineer

- Fulltime
Job Responsibilities:
The DevOps Engineer role covers a wide range of design and implementation activities for the build and deployment systems for our client’s primary, web-based imagery delivery platform.  We collaborate across teams to deploy new functionality and scale our infrastructure while improving the customer experience. You will play a central role in migrating our system to AWS, and modernizing our deployment pipeline – two strategic initiatives that we expect to transform our department and earn considerable recognition across the enterprise.
Specific responsibilities include:
  • Create, maintain, and extend build infrastructure including automated builds, database migration validation, and automated verification testing.
  • Collaborate with Agile teams to design and implement pipeline stages that meet business objectives
  • Partner with team members, architect, and development teams to migrate our products to the AWS cloud.
  • Provide software configuration management.  Troubleshoot and resolve issues within the pipeline stages.
  • Maintain and enhance infrastructure for automated database migrations.
  • Maniacal focus on meeting deliverables while working with the product owner on defining and prioritizing improvements.

Skills Required:
Strong candidates will have current experience with the following:
  • Git and are familiar with GitFlow concepts
  • building software using Maven or Gradle, utilizing plugins when available, but not afraid to create one
  • building, packaging, and deploying C, C++, Python, Java, Tomcat, and other product artifacts in RPMs and Docker containers
  • writing Jenkins pipeline scripts or similar technology to coordinate the building, packaging, and deployment of software
  • managing build artifacts and their pipeline state using the Artifactory REST API
  • authoring AWS CloudFormation templates and parameterized deployment scripts for infrastructure automation
  • creating and managing VPCs, subnets, NACLs, security groups, and internet and NAT gateways
  • developing and implementing a system security plan that encompasses enterprise guidelines
  • maximizing repeatability using Infrastructure as Code
  • designing and implementing blue/green deployment methodologies that may include non-destructive or destructive database changes
  • Scripting with Python, Bash, and Groovy
  • 5+ years using RedHat-family operating systems
  • Knowledge of Agile development process from build through deployment
  • Enthusiasm for solving interesting problems, self-starter
  • Ability to understand and troubleshoot complex, interdependent software systems
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent
  • US Citizenship.