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FPGA Engineer (Denver, CO)

- Fulltime
Our client is seeking a talented FPGA Engineer to contribute to their LiDAR system design and development. The successful candidate will join a vibrant team of engineers that have diverse expertise in light sources, beam delivery, light collection, photodetector, embedded system, and software to create market-leading LiDAR systems. The position requires an understanding of VHDL, microcontroller, FPGA design, and performance analysis.

Job Responsibilities:  
o        Simulate the FPGA to analyze and verify performances
o        Develop and debug the FPGA controller assembly board
o        Create and document the interface definition and architecture definition
o        Evaluate prospective electronics vendors and technologies
o        Document the FPGA design and performance analysis

Skill Requirements:
o        MS degree or equivalent in electrical engineering, computer engineering, or related field
o        Comprehensive understanding of VHDL and FPGA controller assembly board design process
o        Experience with Xilinx's family
o        Experience with multi-clock domain design and high-speed clocking and interfacing

o        Experience with power electronics
o        Experience with high-speed memory and network interfaces and protocols
o        Experience with consumer electronics development
o        Knowledge of ASIC tools, libraries, design flow, and fabrication